• Alan Murchison

    Performance Chef

Alan is a Michelin starred chef with over 25 years of experience in Michelin starred kitchens and has worked in some of the best in the UK. Alan held a Michelin star for over a decade and had 4 AA Rosettes whilst executive Chef at L’Ortolan restaurant in Berkshire. Out of the kitchen Alan is a performing Time Trial rider seeking only the best results possible. Alan is an Ex Scottish International runner and multiple World & European Duathlon champion. Alan’s aim is simple, to give nutritional support, advice & develop athletes inner health to aid optimal sport performance through simple, every day food.

We caught up with Alan Murchison, to find out how important a diet is when it comes to performance?

In general, the food industry doesn’t take into account the nutritional requirements of the individual and the health and well-being industry doesn’t take into account the taste of the foods they create for sportspeople.

Under-performing in training or racing essentially comes down to 3 things – being over trained, under recovered or under/over fueled. 2 out of 3 come down to food – you cannot achieve optimal recovery on poor quality food. There are no magic bullets here. An optimized diet won’t make a sub-standard athlete into a world beater, but a poor diet can certainly make a world class athlete sub-standard. However, a good diet whatever your genetic potential will help you reach your own personal performance ceiling.

Calling on over 25 years of experience cooking in Michelin starred restaurants in combination with a first-hand knowledge of elite sport from a competitor’s perspective gives Alan an insight into the unique nutritional needs of an athlete.

There is much written about the science behind sports nutrition however this can be a minefield of conflicting and complicated information. We concentrate on the practical application of real-life sports fueling, no buzz words, no fads, straight talking no nonsense approach to food that is based on our experience as elite athletes and under-pinned by a culinary knowledge that is second to none.

Alan has seen amazing progression from all levels from Olympic athletes to first timers simply by eating better.